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Daddy Caddy is the outcome of real-life father and son team Mark and Joey Hetherman whose Junior Golf Partnership started when Joey was a mere 4 years old. By the time Joey was 6, the pair had begun tournament golf, qualifying for the US KIDS World Championship that very first year and 4 World Championships thereafter. Joey won over 40 Junior events between the age of 10 and when he turned pro at 16. Through it all, Mark and Joey have remained the closest of colleagues, the best of friends, each other's greatest fan, and the most supportive parent-child partnership imaginable.

Now Mark and Joey want to share their experiences with you to help you and your child achieve success in Junior Golf. Through a series of relaxed, conversational videos that are enjoyable for parents and children alike, they will provide you with insight into the potential pitfalls and genuine joys waiting for you along your journey to success.

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Why Golf over Other Sports?

Dress Code

Silence in Golf

Pee with the Wind

Have Fun

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  • Get a Coach
  • Think of Every Shot as Just a Stroke
  • Play from Where You'll Actually Play in the Tourney
  • How to Properly Evaluate Your Round

From Dream Package

  • Lessons from a PGA Caddy
  • Going Pro:  The Decision.  Pro? School?
  • NCAA:  The Choice to Attend School
  • Tourney Strategy:  Don't Try to Play up to Your Partners
  • Tourney Strategy:  Handling Rain Delays on the Course
  • Going Pro:  Finding a Mentor

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More About Us

Joey Hetherman

Over 40 Victories in Junior Golf

4-Time Qualifier for World Championships

Can​adian Ping Match Play Champion

First Grade​-9 Student in History to Sweep All Three Local High School Events and Play in All Ontario Championship

Junior Athlete of the Year in Burlington, Ontario

Mark Hetherman